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You’ve reached another meaningless blog.  All my posts are private or password protected as they are of a personal nature mostly and I don’t care about the popularity contest or exposing myself to the entire damned planet or making money off of content here.   If you’re interested in reading this blog though email to request access. Its mostly poems, short stories, essays, and graphic design with lots of ‘mature’ content.  I do have some posts on technology and IT and programming as well, but that’s just work stuff.  Very useful but boring to me in the context of what this blog is about.  I also revolve alot of my work around the literary philosophy of cosmicism which is similar to nihilism with a few differences.  It was invented by Lovecraft, America’s greatest bad writer.  He’s the only writer who gets to tell and not show as a rule and still manage to blow your mind.   Thanks, Alistar

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